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Patricia Rasch, Designer
Cromwell, Connecticut


The kinds of work I do …

My specialties are books, magazines, technical reports, interactive workbooks and forms — projects where tight organization aids clear communication. I take pride in the page design of both non-fiction and fiction books, placing a high value on legibility and ease of use. Many projects contain custom infographics, charts, and/or tables.

I export reflowable ebooks in .epub and/or .mobi format, from books that I have designed for print, or for ebook-only without a print version. I create corporate-communication training workbooks with interactive areas for user responses. And I coordinate PowerPoint presentations to match the workbooks in style, color, and fonts. And I can provide advertising materials to coordinate with any of these projects.

Some past projects:

  • Interpretative signage for Hammonassett State Park: 12 color outdoor signs, 3' x 2' and4' x 3'; for Friends of Hammonassett
  • Autism Spectrum Quarterly (±60-pages, mix 2-color/4-color interior, 43 issues) for Autism Spectrum Quarterly/Starfish Specialty Press
  • The Wall Street Traffic Light (non-fiction paperback) for John K. Harris, Ph. D., ( more than 100 financial tables)
  • Middletown Trail Guide - for City of Middletown, CT. Guidebook in .pdf for website of local trails.
  • Jasmine Sugar (paperback non-fiction on grief counseling with poetry) for Rowan Lake Publishers
  • The 385th Bomb Group (paperback non-fiction, ±265 pages with 866 captioned images — history of WWII Army Air Force fighters, with images of their planes, history, and men)
  • The Geology of the Indiana Caverns and the Binkley Cave System (paperback and hard-cover, non-fiction, 122 pages with 155 captioned images, for Gary Roberson; also The Longest Year, Indiana Caverns Development Story (paperback with 200 captioned images, plus color insert)
  • Eleven Building Blocks of Domestic Violence Prevention for Kenn I. Hicks (softcover ±240 pages with 29 info-graphic charts, many lists and images)
  • Voicing the Dead: A Poetic History of Early Day Carbon County, Montana (paperback of poetry and historical reference) for Rocky Fork Press, Inc.
  • Super Silly Sayings that are Over Your Head: A Children's Book of Idioms (hardcover children's book, finalist for Benjamin Franklin Award 2005) for Starfish Specialty Press
  • How Does Your IEP Measure Up? (book for educators on writing effective Individual Education Plans for children with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome) for Starfish Specialty Press

I also do informational illustration for certain projects. Please see my illustration website to view some samples.

Autism Spectrum Quarterly covers   

Sign for Hammonassett Park

Infographics from Kenn Hicks 11 Building Blocks

Spread from Middletown Trail Guide



Pat Rasch drawing Pat Rasch, Designer