Books and book covers are my specialty. First-time authors and self-publishers are welcome. Please browse my site—view my samples, my capabilities, and my tips on preparing your book manuscript files.

Patricia Rasch, Designer
Cromwell, Connecticut


About my design ethic and methods …

I believe that communication is the essence of good graphic design and illustration.

I value a clear, concise, unequivocal message above any other design element. Clever concepts, beautiful techniques, and thoughtful color choices assist in that communication. My specialties are book interiors and book covers, magazines, technical reports, newsletters — I especially excel in projects where tight organization aids clear communication.

I do my design work in Adobe InDesign CC, using Photoshop and Illustrator for artwork, and exporting final files as high-resolution pdf files. Most books can be converted to ebooks (as reflowable.epub files). I also create magazine layouts, newsletters, and advertising pieces, and also provide illustrations for certain projects.

With a long history in graphics and publishing, I currently instruct in Digital Page Design, Advanced Graphic Design, and 2-Dimensional Design at the college level. I am an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in InDesign CS2.

I enjoy working with images and can improve many less-than-perfect images, repairing bad exposures (to a degree), retouching imperfections (especially in faces), removing unwanted parts of images, and/or compositing multiple images. My Illustrator-built charts and graphs, and my InDesign tables provide visually clarity for client's concepts (built from clients' Excel or Word files).

I also create interactive .pdf forms and workbooks.

My rates are fair, and I can often offer a quick turnaround.