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Patricia Rasch, Designer
Cromwell, Connecticut


Some covers from my archives

Doubly Crost East of Dunedin
Fiction: Doubly Crost; John Mitzel; Calamus Books, Boston Nonfiction: East of Dunedin; George Harris

Voicing the Dad Frugal Is the New Posh!
Fiction/Poetry/History: Voicing the Dead;
Rocky Fork Press, Inc.
Non-fiction: Frugal Is the New Posh!; Clancy Learning

Stragetic Governance Strategic Governance inside cover
Non-Fiction cover and inside covers: Stragetic Governance; Hank Boerner & Mark W. Sickles

Self Publishing Don't Do It Influence Puzzle
Non-fiction: Wisdom or War; Julie Hollingsworth Non-fiction: The Influence Puzzle; Val Williams

Dust Jacket Dupont Dyes
Dust Jacket, Non-fiction: DuPont's Dyes Business; J & J Publishing

cover drug-free Aspergers cover Sankofa
Non-fiction: A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome
and Autism;
Picnic Point Press
Non-fiction:Sankofa, Learning from Hindsight; OHEAMAA Press

Cover He Called my by Name

Cover Stop Procrastinating
Non-fiction: He Called Me by Name; Rico Kaplan Non-fiction: Stop Procrastinating Now; New Leaf Publishing

cover When Panthers Cry Cover 7 Legends
Fiction cover: When Panthers Cry; Rod Benson Game Calls Fiction: 7 Legends Bound by Bloodlines; J. R. Vaughn

Fisherman's Guide Fishermans: interior spreadFishermans" interior spread 2
Non-Fiction: Fisherman's Guide & Trainer's Manual; Joe Goodrich, The Fisherman Ministry —
spiral-bound workbook to accompany PowerPoint slide presentation

Cover Spirit of Photography Postcard Spirit Business Card Spirit CD Spirit

Non-fiction cover:The Spirit of Photography; Catherine Rose Press / coordinating pieces: Postcard, Business Card, CD

Cover Call My Name the Wind
Dust Jacket Non-Fiction: Perspectives and the Construction of Consciousness; Anton G. Hardy

Cover Sword in the Boardroom Cover Shogun Scrolls Cover Living Tao Cover Self-Revealization Acceptance
Non-Fiction Covers: Hanshi Warrior Press: Sword in the Boardroom; The Shogun Scrolls; The Living Tao; Self-Revealization Acceptance

Beer, Man Food Orestes in Progress
Non-Fiction: Beer, Man Food, Man Cooking, and Beer;
Glenross Publishing Company
Fiction: Orestes in Progress;
Micah Publications

Wisdon or War Before They Know It All Whirlwind Encounter Crew Love  
Treasure of Khufu
Steven R. Cooper
Before They Know It All

Alan Carson
Whirlwind Encounter;
Michael D. Wilson
Crew Love
Antwan Floyd

Cal's Story Issues in Your Tissues Precision Target Mktg Celebrate Your Life  
Cal's Story;
Alice Smith
Issues in Your Tissues;
Denise La Barre, LMT
Precision Target Marketing
John L. Stanton & Mark F. Lang
Celebrate Your Life;
Melissa Galt, Publishing By Design

Scags at 7 Scags at 18 Golden Sacrifice Koranic Verses  
Fiction e-book cover:
Scags at 18;
Deborah Emin,
Sullivan Street Press
Fiction e-book cover:
Scags at 18;
Deborah Emin,
Sullivan Street Press
Golden Sacrifice
Jake Dijak
Koranic Verses
Walter Lamp

Hanshi Central Park Job Hunting Made Easy
Fiction (first book of series): The Hanshi of Central Park;
Stephen Kaufman
Non-Fiction:Job Hunting Made Easy;
Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

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